Bellevue approves funding to improve cycling in the city

For those who ride in or around Bellevue, WA, you know how daunting some sections of the city can be for cyclists.  While Bellevue has made small improvements over the years to common routes, overall riding in Bellevue can be dicey for even the most skilled and fearless cyclist.

Cascade Bicycle Club has been working hard to improve cycling in the Bellevue area and Vicky Clarke recently posted some good news on their progress.

2016 was a big year for Bellevue bike advocacy! You wrote letters, rode bikes with council, attended open houses and spoke up (while wearing your Bike Network T-shirts) at countless meetings — all to say that the Bellevue Bicycle Network matters to the community. Bellevue staff and council heard you, and worked hard to respond. Together, we did It! The city has identified a long-term funding source to begin to build the Bellevue Bike Network. The Bellevue Bike Network, as envisioned through the city’s 2016 Bicycle Rapid Implementation Plan (BRIP), is a 57-mile network of new and improved facilities — including 23 miles of separated bike lanes and 13 miles of conventional bike lanes. Now with $1.6M dedicated to start building the bike network over the next two years, and longer term funding available, we’re taking a moment to celebrate. But our work is far from

Head over to to read the whole thing and if you ride in or around Bellevue, send a note to the Bellevue City Council letting them know that you support this important work to improve cycling in the city.