Season Kickoff: High Performance Cycling

HPC at the Chelan Century Ride – (Bonus points if you can find me in the picture … here’s a hint, I’m wearing black and white.)

As the weather slowly improves and we gain a minute or two of extra sunlight every day, many local clubs will start shaking off their hibernation fur and kick off their 2017 season.  These occasions typically result in a club meeting or group ride.

One such club is High Performance Cycling based in Seattle.  I’m a member of this club and have been for a few years now.  HPC happens to have both a meeting and group ride coming up this weekend.

On Saturday evening at 5pm, the team will be hosting a 2017 Kick Off Meeting for existing and prospective members at their bike shop sponsor, Center Cycle in Renton.  This is a great way for potential new members to ask questions of current members and get a general vibe from the club.  There will also be pizza, so it’s win-win.

On Sunday morning at 9am, there will be an HPC Meet the Team ride where you can tag along on a conversational pace ride with the team to see how they do things out on the road.  The ride starts and ends at Sam Smith Park in Seattle.

Again, this is another great way to get to know members of the club and determine if the team is a good fit for your cycling goals this  year.