3.6 mile East Lake Sammamish Trail improvement project opposed by homeowners

Cascade Bicycle Club has sent out an alert to all those who use or are interested in the ongoing East Lake Sammamish Trail project.

Riders who ride between Redmond and the Issaquah area have likely ridden parts or all of this trail at some point.

Up  until recently, the trail was mostly hardpack gravel, making it a less than inviting bike commuter corridor.  However construction and paving projects along the trail over the last few years have slowly been converting this 11 mile trail into a much more road bike friendly path.

As is often the case with these types of projects, land owners along the trail worry of the increased traffic along their easements and driveways so they have pushed back multiple times at further development and improvement of the trail.

This trend continues for the 3.6 mile “B Segment” section of the trail, one of the final sections yet to be paved and improved.

Cascade is requesting help from the cycling community to let the city of Sammamish know how important this trail is to safe cycling between the two east side cities.

In December King County submitted a shoreline permit to the city of Sammamish for the final 3.6 mile segment of the trail. The city is seeking public comments through 5 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 27. Please send your comments now. Your comments are critical at this time because the sad reality is this: Without your help, the final segment of the trail will not be completed to regional and national trail standards, resulting in a trail that’s not safe for people of all ages and abilities who want to walk, bike and run. Now more than ever, your voice in support of the trail is needed.Cascade Bicycle Club

You can read more about the issue and submit your feedback to the City of Sammamish at cascade.org.