Stinky Spoke 2017 – Ride Recap

Myself and a few friends and co-workers headed out to Woodinville on Saturday to tackle the 10th annual Stinky Spoke.

If you haven’t heard of this ride, listen to the interview I recently did with the director of the ride in Episode 1 of The Group Ride podcast.  While you’re there, subscribe to the podcast for more interviews and news.

I setup my dual camera configuration for this ride (two original Garmin Virbs) to capture some video.

Unlike the normal Stinky Spoke conditions of previous years, the weather for the ride was absolutely amazing.  We had blue skies and it was 50 degrees at the start.

Here are some choice sections of the route in a 14 minute “Supercut” running at 2x normal speed.

If you don’t have that kind of time, I included one at 4x (7 minutes) as well. Note that 4x is a bit more herky-jerky … I need to get a 3-axis gimbal for my next ride.

And if you really want to sit back, relax and watch some cycling you can check out the 27 minute mega Supercut which runs at normal speed.

Also be sure to check out the amazing photos taken by the great people at Woodinville Bicycle.


The Stinky Spoke route is also known as reverse Thrilla if you’re interested in doing the ride with some friends.  Here’s a copy of my ride as a RideWithGPS route.