Episode 22 – Stationless Bike Sharing and Riding for a great cause

The Group Ride
The Group Ride
Episode 22 - Stationless Bike Sharing and Riding for a great cause

Wes looks at the new station-less bike share systems from Spin and LimeBike and Summer joins the show to discuss her bike share experience in Long Beach, CA.  Then we meet up with Gina Kavesh from The WAVE Foundation to discuss their fundraising women’s only ride, Cycle the WAVE.

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Show Notes

The Group Ride Podcast (thegroupride.com)

Episode 22 (thegroupride.com/22)

Hosted by Wes Salmon

Released July 20th, 2017

In this episode …

  • Seattle’s new station-less bike sharing
  • Interview – Cycle the WAVE

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