Episode 12 – Mark Owings – Tandem Diversity

The Group Ride
The Group Ride
Episode 12 - Mark Owings - Tandem Diversity

Wes and Summer head to Bellingham Washington to visit with Mark and Chris Owings of Tandem Diversity to start on their tandem bike journey, then I chat with Tara Corbin from Cycle Oregon about their first big ride of the season, Joyride … a group ride just for women.

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Show Notes

The Group Ride Podcast (thegroupride.com)

Episode 12 (thegroupride.com/12)

Hosted by Wes Salmon

Released May 11th, 2017

In this episode …

  • Introducing The Group Ride Podcast Patreon Campaign
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  • Wes and Summer learn to ride a tandem with Mark Owings from Tandem Diversity
    • Wes and Summer spend some time with Mark and Chris Owings of Tandem Diversity in Bellingham, WA learning the ins and outs of tandem riding
    • Guest: Mark Owings
    • Guest: Summer Salmon
  • Bicycle Adventures Starter Pack Giveaway
    • We are giving away a Bicycle Adventures Starter Pack as a thank you for listening to The Group Ride Podcast.  This is the first of many giveaways to come over the year.
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  • Event of The Week
    • Joyride presented by Cycle Oregon (More info …)
    • Guest: Tara Corbin – Events Director – Cycle Oregon

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