Episode 11 – Bicycle Adventures Bike Touring

The Group Ride
The Group Ride
Episode 11 - Bicycle Adventures Bike Touring

Bicycle Adventures owners Todd and Brad chat with Wes about their bike tours both locally and across the globe.  Next, the creator of the Cross Washington Mountain Bike Route explains the details of the 680 mile adventure ride that kicks off on May 14th.

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Show Notes

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Episode 11 (thegroupride.com/Episode11)

Hosted by Wes Salmon

Released May 4th, 2017

In this episode …

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  • Interview: Bicycle Adventures
    • Guest: Todd Starnes
    • Guest: Brad Bernard
  • Bicycle Adventures Starter Pack Giveaway
    • We are giving away a Bicycle Adventures Starter Pack as a thank you for listening to The Group Ride Podcast.  This is the first of many giveaways to come over the year.
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  • Event of The Week
    • Cross Washington Mountain Bike Route (More info …)
    • Guest: Troy Hopwood – Event Creator

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