Episode 7 – Peter Walker – How Cycling Can Change the World

The Group Ride
The Group Ride
Episode 7 - Peter Walker - How Cycling Can Change the World

Author and cyclist Peter Walker joins the show to talk about his new book, How Cycling Can Save the World.  Then I check in on our new tip line to see what tips listeners have for first time PNW bike commuters.  After that, I chat about upcoming events and read listener reviews of the show.

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Show Notes

The Group Ride Podcast (thegroupride.com)

Episode 007 (thegroupride.com/Episode07)

Hosted by Wes Salmon

Released April 6th, 2017

In this episode …

  • The Group Ride Tip Line 
    • To help listeners engage with the show (and get on the air!), I’ve created The Group Ride Podcast Tip Line.
    • The topic for this week is: Top Tips for the first time PNW bike commuter
    • Leave your tip at (206) 651-4161 or email your voice clip to tipline@thegroupride.com
  • Interview: Journalist, author and cyclist Peter Walker
  • Event of The Week
    • I’m changing the format of this segment of the show for the summer.  I will now focus on one event per week rather than 3-5 each week. You can always track down all the events at the Event Calendar.
    • Event of The Week: MTB: Wednesday Night World Championships

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