Episode 3 – J Allard from Project 529

The Group Ride
The Group Ride
Episode 3 - J Allard from Project 529

J Allard from Project 529 joins the show to chat about their service which helps recover stolen bikes. Then I continue with Chapter 2 of my cycling story, followed by a recap of how Zwift can change the way you think about indoor training.  Next then we recap Chilly Hilly rides from the past for those considering riding this year.  We wrap up the show with some news from around the area and some odds and ends.

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Show Notes

The Group Ride Podcast (thegroupride.com)

Episode 003 (thegroupride.com/Episode03)

Hosted by Wes Salmon

Released Feb 17th, 2017

In this episode …

  • My Cycling Story – Chapter 2
    • After a few months of bike commuting, I seek out my first big group ride
  • How Zwift changed how I look at indoor cycling
    • How I went from a Rule 9 devotee to an indoor cycling fanatic
  • Interview: Project 529 (More info …)
    • Selling stolen bikes is a $500,000,000 industry and Project 529 is helping turn the tables on the bike theft.
    • Guest: J Allard – CEO of Project 529
    • Guest: Constable Rob Brunt of the Vancouver Police Department
  • Area News
  • Upcoming Events
    • Chilly Hilly
    • BuDu Westside Mountain Bike Series – Lord Hill
    • Ridge Circuit Race and TT
    • More events are available at thegroupride.com/events/
  • Odds and Ends

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