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PNW 4 Bikes…a Love Story
by Jimmyray8 – April 13th 2017

Wes delivers a technically sound Podcast and hits his groove quickly hinting at previous experience maybe? Nice to have a voice from Seattle searching out the many different “truffles” that make up this great region. There is an overwhelming area here to explore via road or trail. The Group Ride offers a chance to find places or make connections that you may not of had otherwise. Looking forward to more stories and interviews.

Great information on Puget Sound area cycling
by Bikin Coug – April 10th 2017

Wes is really informative and covers topics from events to top cycling news. Have already learned a thing or two from the podcast and can’t wait for more!

Makes my Drive Entertaining!
by Layback75 – March 30th 2017

I don’t get to commute by bike because I’m a sales rep that’s tied to a car. This is a great podcast that covers a variety of cycling topics and is always entertaining.

Great podcast for cyclists
By FlenBikes – March 30th 2017

Seems to be geared toward “cyclists” rather than bicycles in general. If you self-identify as a cyclist, this is for you.

An important new resource for Seattle cyclists
by cascademan – March 30th 2017

The Group Ride Podcast is a great new resource for Seattle cyclists! Wes has informative interviews with local personalities, as well as news and helpful tips on topics ranging from racing to commuting and policy. Keep up the good work and thanks for adding a great new resource to the Seattle cycling scene!

Great Cycling Podcast
by Seacpa – March 21st 2017

I really love this podcast. For the past two to three years I have been a loyal listener to the Sprocket podcast which is a PDX based podcast and the Pedalshift Project which is DC based. As a Seattle native it is great to see an option that references cool stuff going on in our city. Good interviews. Great content, well done.

Not just for roadies or locals
by billservo – March 20th 2017

Great general cycling podcast even if you’re not a PNW local.

Great cycling podcast!
by Craig529 – March 13th 2017

Very well done, and love the local content too.