Donate to The Group Ride Podcast

For those of you kind souls who wish to throw a few coins in the tip jar, I have setup a Patreon campaign for the site.  Our Patreon is setup as a monthly subscription system so give you flexibility in your generosity.

Please note that I expect 99% of listeners to pay absolutely zero for the site and podcast and that’s completely fine. It does not hurt my feelings at all. 🙂

I’ve set up a few different subscription tiers to give a few options for folks who want to be either a little or A LOT generous with their hard-earned cash.

The Commuter Plan – $1/month

You are the core of the show and keep the wheels spinning.  Thank you for your support!

The Metric Century Plan – $5/month

You are the type of person that enjoys weekly podcasts.

Members of the Metric Century club who subscribe for 5 months in a row get a T-Shirt.

The Imperial Century Plan – $25/month

You love cycling podcasts AND T-Shirts!

Signing up at the Imperial Century level gets you the Group Ride Podcast T-Shirt right away and the joy of knowing you’re supporting great local content about a sport you love.

(Limited to 25 patrons)

The Crit Racer Plan – $50/month

You’re fast and don’t have time to read this silly thing called the Internet.

Of course you get a T-Shirt, coffee mug and some amazing The Group Ride Podcast stickers to stick places!

(Limited to 10 patrons)

The Retired Pro Plan – $100/month

Wow, I’m flattered I really am.  We should have lunch sometime if you’re in the Seattle area.

Seriously, this donation level gets you lunch with me and of course a T-Shirt, mug and stickers.

You’ll also get a Producer credit on the show.

(Limited to 5 patrons)

The Benefactor Plan – $500/month

Yikes, you are a cycling podcast loving CRAZY PERSON and I love you.  Here, have a T-Shirt, mug, stickers and my home phone number.

You’ll be listed as the Executive Producer of “The Group Ride Podcast” and certainly the envy of all of your cycling friends.

I’ll even offer my lead out service to any KOM you’re trying to grab on Strava.

(Limited to 1 patron)