About The Group Ride Podcast


Deep in the sticks of Snoqualmie Valley on a cold winter’s day

The Group Ride Podcast will be focused on the Seattle area cycling community.  It is currently a one-man-show type of operation.

Who is this guy and what’s this podcast all about?  Let’s find out!

Who is the host of The Group Ride Podcast?

My name is Wes Salmon and I ride bikes!  I also have a background in technology, web communities and even radio broadcasting (many many years ago).

What type of riding does Wes like?

I ride both road and dirt/gravel as well as indoor on a Wahoo KICKR with Zwift.  Most of my miles in the last few years have been on asphalt but I’ve been getting a little more muddy in the recent months.  I typically spend 300-400 hours a year on the bike.

Where does Wes usually ride?

I currently live on the east side of Redmond so I am frequently riding all around the Snoqualmie Valley and most places to the east of Lake Washington.  I also usually find myself riding in most (if not all) of the major Cascade events every year.

What will this Podcast be about?

The long term direction of the podcast will be determined like any good group ride where the participants make the call.  Initially I plan on a few specific things:

  • Bike Club Profiles – To help riders find the club that is right for them.
  • Group Ride Guides – So riders can find the best ride for them.
  • Seattle Racing Coverage
  • Rider Profiles – There are so many great personalities in the Seattle cycling community.  I’m hoping to have a few interviews with some of these folks so they can tell their story.
  • Interesting Stories – This is my catch all.  The stories will be related to the western Washington cycling community.

Will there be more than one host?

That is the long term goal but for right now, it’ll be just Wes and whomever he may be interviewing at the time.  Think you have a good idea for a host or want to help out?  Drop me a line.

Where does the artwork for this site come from?

Currently all the photos and art on the site are from my personal collection of pictures I’ve managed to get during rides in the area.  I have a very unhealthy addiction to Prisma right now … my apologies.