Supporting the show and our guests through Amazon

As the show continues to grow in popularity, I’m in a position familiar to most small internet start-ups … the need to find revenue sources to help fund the operation.

Luckily so far the show has only cost me about as much as a new cyclocross bike but as the audience increases, so do my plans for great content and guests.

Some of that great content is coming up in the next few shows where I am interviewing a number of authors of cycling related books.   Since I’ve already had an accomplished cycling author on Episode 04 (Phil Gaimon) and more coming soon, I have set up a quick amazon page where listeners can buy books from guests of the show.

Books by Guests of the show

I’ll be adding more books the list as we go.

If you decide to buy a book (or 3) based on an interview or segment on the podcast, please do me a favor and buy it from the page above to support the show.