Episode 2 Interview: Race Cascadia Super G

Just finished up a great interview with Trey Wilson from Race Cascadia about their upcoming Super G enduro gravel race.

The event is Feb 4th in the Capital Forest, just south of Olympia and if you are looking for an epic gravel race to kick off 2017, this event is for  you.

You can race solo or with a team and there are some very cool concepts being tested out in these two categories.

If you’re not a racer but still want to try your luck on the 56 mile route that climbs over 7,800 feet, you can opt for the sportive category and take your time and enjoy the ride.

The Race Cascadia interview will be part of Episode 2 of The Group Ride Podcast which will be released on Thursday, Feb 2nd, Be sure to check it out and subscribe if you haven’t already so you can have it automatically delivered to your podcast app of choice.

And if  you want to participate in the SuperG but have not registered yet, head over to racecascadia.com and sign up.