The Group Ride Episode 1 – David Longdon from and Todd Cowles from Stinky Spoke

We cover century old news from Snohomish, grunge metal trail donations and the sad passing of a short lived Seattle bike experiment.  Then we check in on a Seattle startup that wants to help you spend more time with your activity friends.  Finally, we look behind the curtain at the first major ride of the year!


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Guests for Episode 1

David Longdon
Motion Social
Founder & President

Episode 1

  David chats with me about the ins and outs of new social fitness startup,
Todd Cowles
Stinky Spoke

Episode 1
Stinky Spoke

  Todd explains the origins of the Stinky Spoke on its 10th year anniversary.

Show Notes

The Group Ride Podcast (

Episode 001 (

Hosted by Wes Salmon

Released Jan 19th, 2017

Items discussed in this episode

  • Seattle Bikeshare shuts down March 31st (link)
  • (link)
  • Pearl Jam lead singer donates $25K to trails project (link)
  • Stinky Spoke (link)
  • Snohomish Bike Tree (link)
  • Cascadia SuperG (link)
  • Evergreen MTB Winter Stoke Party (link)


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